Why wait for the brand offers to roll in when you can go get them yourself?

Tribe is an influencer marketing platform that acts as matchmaker between brands and influencers of all sizes. As an aspiring influencer, it’s an incredible opportunity for you to work with brands you could never have imagined working with. Think Myer, Jeep, Peter Alexander and so on. We spoke to Georgie, the head of Brand Partnerships at Tribe to discuss how aspiring influencers can use Tribe to build their profile. The full interview is available for Influencer Members but here’s a snippet of Georgie talking about ‘Tribe Days’.

As part of our Influencer program, we strongly recommend our influencers to utilise the TRIBE app as soon as they reach 3,000+ followers. The reasons are simple:

1. You quickly learn what brands are looking for: not only do you have to understand the brief and create a high quality piece of content from it, you will learn very quickly if the content you produce is up to standard. Brands have the ability to decline any piece of content submitted by you. You’ll soon realise what they’re after and there’s literally no better form of feedback for you. 

2. You develop better communication skills with brands: trust us, the lack of professionalism in the influencer space can be frightening. It’s important for aspiring influencers to understand how to communicate professionally with brands. This will come in handy for when you are negotiating future ambassadorship deals and dealing with talent agencies. 

3. You can fund your growth: if your posts are successful, the brands will sponsor your post. They can also purchase the copyright to your content at a higher price. This is a great way to fund your growth as an influencer and can be quite a lucrative side gig if you master it!

The minimum requirement to be an influencer on Tribe is to have a following of 3,000+. If that’s you, join now. Start getting paid to create content.














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