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There’s nothing like the feeling of ‘making it’ like there is when you sign with a talent agent.

It cements you as a professional influencer and rock solid evidence that you can now use to back up your career plan when explaining it to your parents.

But how do you actually get one? What are influencer talent agents looking for?

Since we added talent agents to our repertoire over at House of Sage, we’ve had requests and applications flooding our inbox. So how are we filtering through them all? In this week’s video, I explain what I’m looking for exactly.


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Despite it’s massive growth in popularity, influencer marketing still seems to get on people’s nerves. Particularly when talking about influencers themselves (just check out the reaction to our feature on The Daily Mail). 
The general consensus from those who don’t really understand influencers, is that it’s not a real career and that they simply ‘do nothing but take photos of themselves all day’. Well sorry Debra, that’s not the case.


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