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If you’re well-versed in the influencer space, you would have heard the story about The Sunday Chapter growing her following by 421k within a space of two weeks. Husskie (our favourite sister site for all things Influencer news) got the lay down in this interview.

It’s a great success story. One of those ‘I can’t believe she did it!’ ones that just makes you wish the same could happen to you. BUT I bet every single person who has read it has thought: 

Well, maybe I should just make a story template and that will increase my followers?

It’s already happening. I’m seeing a new template almost daily. There’s even offshoot ideas like quote templates popping up. 

But I’m here to tell you a heartbreaking truth: it was a fluke. A glorious, happy fluke.

Anything that goes viral is 90% down to pure chance, 10% down to strategic planning – ok, the percentages are made up but you get the gist – chance and pure luck play a huge part in this. 

But, to The Sunday Chapter’s credit, she was able to convert the stories into thousands of followers for a number of well planned, strategically driven reasons. And it’s these reasons that you need to pause before you whip up your own story template.


1. Her brand is bang on.

She’s nailed her brand. Aesthetically, her feed is beautiful. You know she’s all about fashion and style from the very first glance at her feed. Her captions are consistent, and even her sponsored posts blend well with her regular content. 



2. Her following was already engaged.

She had already done the grunt work of solidly building a community on Instagram over a 5 year period. So when she asked them to complete and share her templates, they responded. 


3. Her story templates were designed with her brand in mind.

They were very cleverly designed to be on vibe with her brand. Maybe she did this unintentionally, maybe not, but it’s clear she has a very good sense of her style. She’s also got the skills to design them well. We’re seeing some story templates pop up that are poorly designed and not at all intriguing. 


4. Her intention was genuine.

She takes no credit for coming up with the story template idea: she genuinely wanted to connect with her community. Influencers who do this are by far the best performing and most deserving of success – and The Sunday Chapter is a testament to that. 


It these grounding factors that contributed largely to her ability to convert the exposure into success. The luck got her the opportunities, the strategy got her the results. So before you even think about jumping on the story template bandwagon, get your brand right and your feed looking mesmerising. If you’re not sure how to do that, then join the waitlist for the next round of The Influencer program by getting access to the free instagram influencer guide here. 













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