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Before any shoot with a new client, they will always tell me how unphotogenic they are or how they hate being in front of the camera. However, the world of social media is begging us to get in front of the lens, so how do you create quality content?

The short answers is, it will take time.

Each photoshoot will allow you to practise, until soon enough you will know what is working and what isn’t. From there you will continue to develop your stronger poses/styles of images (and therefore develop your sigature style and brand). Before all of that, here are three simple things you can do today to begin to improve how you ‘pose’ in a photo.

 Get in the zone.

Often on a shoot, we worry about what people are thinking, embarassed the photographer is judging you, who is watching or just feeling awkward. Just close your eyes for a minute, take a deep breath and think about a happy place (for us, that is happy hour at the local cocktail bar). Once you are ready, get back to the photos.

Keep Moving

Whenever I am shooting, fashion or business related shoot, I ask my client to keep moving, it might be shifting weight between their feet, using props, moving their hand around their watch or brushing hair off their face. Then the person taking the photos will have a greater variety of images for you to chose from. 

Owning it

Think of images you really love and connect with, are they looking awkward or shy? Probably not. Perhaps they have a big smile/laugh, confident walk in a fashion shoot or deeply connected to what they are doing. So forget the camera for a moment and be in the real moment, let out a big laugh, take a walk or think about how you can best bring the person into that moment/photo with you. 

I have seen hundreds of women in front of my camera and no matter what they are wearing, body shape, hair or makeup, the absolute BEST photos are the ones where they have let their insecurities go and focused on creating great content or getting into the moment. When you feel like that is slipping, just get yourself ‘back in the zone’. Of course there is a lot more to consider when creating killer content, however the first step is for you to get comfortable in front of the camera.














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