She isn’t just a pretty face.

She’s a brand.



Image of Renée Enright for Sass and Bide. Photography House of Sage.

Want to be paid to live the glamourous life?

We’ll teach you how to become a social media Influencer.


Becoming an Influencer is fast becoming a viable career option. But it’s more than simply taking a beautiful photo and uploading it to your Instagram. It’s about building a business around you as the brand. And we’ll show you exactly how to do this.

Did you know that you can earn anywhere from $100 a social media post to $1500+?

The top Influencers can earn up to $17,000 a post. That’s serious money. And that’s a very serious career. 


  • To work with the brands you love and see them share your content?
  • To be invited to exclusive events?
  • To be a spokesperson and ambassador for a cause dearest to you?
  • To work with other Influencers that you look up to?
  • To make a living creating content all over the globe?

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Image of Renée Enright for Sass and Bide. Photography House of Sage

Who are we?


Confession: we’re not Influencers ourselves.


That’s because we found our groove being the ones behind the cameras, not in front! We’re the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes helping Influencers to take the social media world by storm.


We’re Mon and Kate – the duo behind House of Sage Agency, a content marketing agency that creates and curates unforgettable content for lifestyle brands. We’ve worked with powerhouse influencers like Sophie Cachia, Renee Enright and Morgan Jamieson, plus well-known brands such as Sass&Bide, Westfield, Austins & Co and The Aviary Agency. We take hundreds of photos every month for upcoming Influencers, who always ask us for advice on how to make a living from their social media. We’ve seen them implement our advice and watch their followings grow – and income soar. We knew we had to bundle this advice for the masses, hence The Influencer was born.

Why The Influencer?



We tried, but we couldn’t find anything out there that took people through the ins and outs of becoming an Influencer. Sure there’s lots of articles with their ‘Top 5 tips to becoming the next big influencer!’, but nothing that takes you through step by step to building a viable career as an Influencer. 


Once you’re in, you’re in. This includes future updates, additions and any bonuses we introduce along the way. This is great so you can always refer back to the content whenever you need a refresher, or as you take another step up in your new career.


We’ve got videos, audios, transcripts, worksheets, diagrams, the lot. Whatever and however you like to consume your information, we’ve got you covered. And we only cover what you need to know – no filler time-wasting content.


We’re two professionals who bring two very mixed skillsets to the course. Mon is your go-to for all things photography, visual storytelling, and developing relationships with brands, whereas Kate’s the one you ask about business and brand strategy, digital marketing, and copywriting. This perfect partnership provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the course – and we’ll be there to guide you intimately along the way.


We’ve got some epic networks for you to tap into! Think other leading influencers, talent agencies eager to sign on the next big thing, and brands who are on the hunt for influencers to spruik their products. Your networks can make or break your career as an Influencer, so tap into ours to help get yours started on a positive note.


We’re here for the lifestylers.


Fashion, food, beauty, health, travel or parenting.


Join the collective now. It’s not long until we kick off the next round of the course.